Saturday, 25 October 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014

Sign up for HDH January 29th NOW!!! ACTION WEEK!!

We're BACK!!!

Hump Day Hook Will resume business starting WEDNESDAY January 29th!!! 
I have made a few little changes to the line up, which will hopefully make it more fun!!

 Week 1 will be; ACTION WEEK. You will be obliged to post a Hook with a little bit of action in. 

Week 2; ROMANCE WEEK. You will be obliged to post a romantic Hook. Not necessarily sexy, just love.

 Week 3 HOT WEEK. Post a kiss, a cuddle *Cough* A little bit more-- But it has to be hot!

 Week 4 INTRIGUE WEEK. Hook us, make us want more. Make us shout 'NOOOOOO!' when the Hook ends!!

 I will let you know each week which one it is, it will always go in an order.... When certain holidays arise, ie; Christmas, valentines etc... The themes may change xx

 Please invite as many writerly friends as you know... The more the merrier!!!

 Have fun. And i hope you enjoy!!

New sign up will be open as of tomorrow!!!