Friday, 28 June 2013

Author Spotlight Catherine Green

Author Spotlight #HDH - Catherine Green

Hello and thank you to Kerrianne for hosting me on the Hump Day Hook blog today. I have been a member of HDH for several months now, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the community. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to showcase my books, both published and those in progress, but I am motivated and inspired by the excerpts I read from my fellow authors. I have also trebled my TBR list as well!

Aside from the writing, I thought I would share a little about myself, Catherine Green, author of the Redcliffe novels. We are all allowed a little self indulgence from time to time! My biggest non-writer related news is that I am currently pregnant with my second child, and the baby is due any time during the next month or so. Consequently, I am having to scale back my workload and take some semblance of maternity leave. I cannot totally abandon my writing community, however. That’s just not possible!

There seem to be a lot of authors, especially women, who juggle their work around raising children. I know this isn’t unusual. Most of us will raise a family at some point in our lives, regardless of the nature of our professional work. What I mean is that I feel both comforted and empowered to see women in similar situations to myself. We all have our call to write. We have the Muse nagging at us and demanding attention just as much as our children. So we have to diversify. Some of us get up very early in the morning to do some work before the children awake. Others stay up late at night. I seem to be a mix of the two at the moment. I used to be a night person. Now I am generally more of a morning person.

Away from the fiction writing, I have an interest in women in business, and the situation with female entrepreneurs in the workplace of today. My focus is generally on the UK, since this is my home country. I am fascinated at the ways in which women have to work so much harder and faster than their male counterparts, simply because they have the responsibility of child rearing. I know times have changed, and men have become more involved in the domestic side of life, but I also know that it is a moderate improvement at best. Certainly in my circle of parent friends, it is the mothers who take on the bulk of the childcare and domestic duties, often alongside part time jobs and careers as well. Some have even given up their careers temporarily, in order to support their children.

When I am not writing or mothering, I enjoy following a spiritual path and studying urban shamanism. My interests have always fallen in the occult and supernatural realms. I am a keen ghost hunter, having participated in overnight séances and events at many reputedly haunted locations around the UK. Some of my most memorable events were at Margham Castle in South Wales, the Edinburgh Vaults in Scotland, and Belgrave Hall in Leicester, England. It is definitely a more unusual hobby!

Well, I should wrap this up. If you would like to read a few of my ghost hunter diaries, then check out my personal blog at For more details about my adult paranormal romance series the Redcliffe novels, see my author blog for excerpts, buy links, and news of my next release. Thank you for stopping by!  

Friday, 21 June 2013

Guest Blogger Sandra Sookoo!

What I’ve learned from my favorite TV shows

Psych—No matter how good you think your life is, there’s always going to be something stupid that comes along and ruins it. Usually, this wrench comes from you and your penchant for making faux paus. However, while it’s true that if there’s no body there’s no crime, you only need to call upon your friends to pull your troubles back into the light and deal with them. But, biggest thing is, keep track of your lies because they will come calling and you’ll have to come clean to keep your life in balance.

Finding Bigfoot—Determination and belief are all you really need to get by in life. It’s nice to know that even though you look kinda dorky hunting down allegedly mythical creatures, the fact you can do it with your three best friends who—mostly—believe in the dream with you makes it the most awesome adventure ever. Chasing those dreams is the best thing you can do in this life and one day—YES—you will see that elusive Bigfoot and it will be sweet to say “I told you so.”

Master Chef—It takes a lot of guts to get out there and put yourself on the line in front of the biggest food critics and chefs in the world. Plus, it might help if you, you know, actually knew how to cook and had, oh I don’t know, a tiny bit of people skills. The fact you’re out there chasing your dream drives you forward and helps the sting of the rejection that’s probably coming your way. Doing your best and silencing your critics is the best feeling ever. Passion will drive your future.

Big Bang Theory—You’re a nerd. So what? There are more nerd lovers out there than you probably even know. You’re out there conquering the world and showing off your differences like nobody’s business, and you’re doing it in a big way—even if the biggest laughs come from your friends. You know your differences make you a target but you don’t care because there’s a job to be done. Plus, the fact that you can thumb your nose at the naysayers because you have a girlfriend trumps everything. Don’t buy into the noise. You are awesome.

And these are just a few of my favorite TV shows. I could go on and add Warehouse 13, Hell’s Kitchen or Men at Work, but then we’d all be here forever LOL

Yes, I’m an eclectic viewer and I have many different interests, but it makes me interesting. The bottom line with all of my favorite shows? Find some folks who you consider good friends and let them into your life. You’ll need to rely on them for uplifting and laughs. Plus, you’ll do the same for them. It’s a long journey through life. It’s best to have company. And the other thing? Believe in yourself not matter what. You’re the only one who knows how to be “you” the best. Follow your dreams even if the world is against you. Your time will come.

*deep breath*

That being said, have you checked out my books yet? No?!

My latest book is a m/f/m Regency menage called Misfortune’s Lady. Here’s the blurb:

She wants a slower pace… Miranda Ellis Mason Craythorne is three times a widow. Some say bad luck has dogged her steps; she rather thinks it’s just life, yet the rumors sting. She’s long left her wild youth behind and now lives at her country estate, content to play matchmaker. Seeing John sets fire to the tendre she’s carried for him and causes her to rethink remaining in widowhood even though avoiding matrimony is for his own good.

He wants to settle down… Mr. John Goddard has admired Miranda from afar for years, but their timing has never been right. As a Bow Street Runner-turned-private investigator, he knows mortality has an expiration date. What better woman to start a family with than the one he’s held a torch for? But his penchant for the occasional ménage might sour the plans.

He wants the next exciting game… Richard Howick, who is rarely on home soil, is a spy who wants nothing more than the next adventure. He’s giving life a merry chase and has no plans to domesticate. He’s too much of a rake not to take pleasure when it’s offered, and the opportunity to play the occasional third thrills him.

Life presents an unorthodox chance…While rumors abound and scandal nips at their heels, between the three, desire explodes. If their luck holds, they might just find love in the mix.

It’s available at:


Have you hung out with me online? Well, get thee to social networking and connect with me here:

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Author bio:

Sandra is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi, and paranormal romances in full-length books as well as shorts and novellas. No matter if the heat level is spicy or sweet, she loves to blend genres and oftentimes will add humor to the mix.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and engaging characters, Sandra likes to read, bake, taste new teas, watch The Big Bang Theory, and Psych as well as Finding Bigfoot and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World: it’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. When she’s not writing, she’s keeping things interesting at her Believing is Seeing blog or spending time with her husband, who patiently answers questions she has about men, sci-fi-related subjects, and the odd “what if”.

Sandra loves to hear from her readers. You can write to her at, visit her website at, or look her up on Facebook and Twitter. All links are provided on the front page of her website.

Prize up for grabs on this post: a packet of swag (pocket mirror, lip balm, notebook, etc.) Make sure you leave your contact info and answer this question: What’s your favorite TV show and why?